Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt garage doors rotate out and upward in one motion. Tilt doors tend to be the least expensive option and need to be clear of surrounding objects that may prevent it opening easily. Often Tilt doors will be used where there is minimal headroom.

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The Jamb-Type fitting is the most cost effective and simplest way to open your Tilt garage door. It is also useful when there is as little as 25mm of headroom above the opening. The images shown in diagram (A) demonstrate how the Tilt door protrudes outside the line of the garage door opening when it is in the up position.



The images shown in diagram B demonstrate how the Track-Type fitting assists the door to completely retract into the garage when in the opening position. Track-Type Hardware is designed to fit where there is as little as 50mm headroom above the opening.

Tilt doors can be easily automated enhancing the ease of operation with a push of a button. View our sectional/tilt openers.

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After 7 years, still happy with the garage door. Booked another maintenance service. Good prices. Thank you PT Doors.
Ivan Rados
Jun 2024
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Alan Barry
Jul 2024