Commercial & Industrial Door Openers

GRIFCO LR-Drive for Commercial Roller Doors

Grifco LR-Drive

This premium quality light commercial roller door opener will open a 2.4m high door in 21 seconds, the fastest in its class. The powerful motor and gearbox can lift doors up to 28m2. It comes standard with 2 premium Grifco remotes, a wall button & battery back-up.
It has a lifting capacity of 270kgs and comes with a 2 year warranty.
Smart Control Option
The Merlin myQ connectivity Bundle * allow you to operate the garage door from a smart phone. Open or close the door anytime, anywhere from your smart phone. Receive alerts to your phone to let you know your garage door has been opened or closed by management & staff.
Other Options
Wireless keypad * 1000 receiver – for simple & intuitive management of multiple remote controllers from the one master.
* commercial roller doors only
Grifco S-Drive for Commercial Sectional Doors

Grifco S-Drive

With constant duty cycle, battery backup onboard and the industry’s best warranty, the Grifco S-Drive is indeed the Smooth Operator. It is purpose built for high-cycle, highly demanding commercial sectional doors found in carparks, emergency services buildings and commercial tenancies. The Grifco S-Drive comes with a 2 year warranty.

Specification Sheet

Certificate of Suitability S-DRIVE

Grifco LS Drive for Commercial Sectional Doors

Grifco LS-Drive

The Grifco LS-Drive is the perfect high-cycle operator for sectional doors found in small carparks. Designed for up to 50 cycles per day, it is the ideal automation solution for small multi-tenanted applications with around 12-15 cars.
It delivers all the necessary logic configurations without any unnecessary complexity. The Grifco LS-Drive comes with a 2 year warranty.

Specification Sheet

Certificate of Suitability LS-DRIVE

GRIFCO EDrive for Commercial Doors

Grifco E-Drive

E-Drive is the industry standard for quality, durability, adaptability and intelligence.

E-Drive with myQ connectivity utilises the latest logic and smart technology and builds upon Grifco’s trusted legacy for traditional spring-balanced roller shutters and grilles.

Regarded as the industry benchmark, E-Drive with myQ offers powerful unbeatable performance for commercial doors. The proprietary expandable logic enables exceptional versatility and adaptability on location.


Please see the manufacturers manual for more information on warranties.

Coin Cell Compliance

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Seek immediate medical attention if it is suspected that a coin/button cell battery has been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body.