Buying a Garage Door

When it comes to buying a garage door you can easily find yourself being confronted by a bewildering array of choices. At PT Doors our expert advice from start to finish will help you through the purchase of your new garage door making sure it fits within your needs and budget.

You also need to feel confident in the company you are dealing with. PT Doors gives you a step by step check list that will guide your quest to find the right garage door company as well as explaining how our company satisfies each of these qualities and requirements.

Garage Door Company Checklist

Design Your Garage Door

Measure & Quote

If you are in the Sydney area PT Doors will come to your property and measure the door.

As well as measuring for the door itself we also take into account the space required for tracks, wheels and motor etc. PT Doors will then provide you with an obligation free quote. We strongly advise that any dealer that quotes you for a new garage door visits your site. From our experience, and from an industry point of view, any garage door dealer needs to view the garage door area for you to receive an accurate quote.

AGDA Guide for Garage Doors

Door Types

During our initial visit to your property we will discuss with you what type of door you would like to buy, whether it be a roller door, sectional or tilt, as well as whether you require an automatic door for convenience. Here are the differences in these doors:

Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Door

The roller garage door is made out of colorbond, ribbed curtain that moves vertically in the opening, and then rolls up around the drum above the opening, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs. Nylon running strips ensure smooth, quiet and greaseless operation. The engineering grade plastic drum ensures for precise roll-up. Weather-strip with deep cushioning, helps restrict entry of water and leaves. Waist height centre lift lock with double bar locking action.

Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage Door

This garage door rolls back up thanks to horizontal panels that are hinged and roll over tracks and place the panels against the ceiling when the door is open. These are considered safer and stronger than the Tilt doors.


Tilt Garage Door

Tilt Garage Door

This type of garage door rotates out and upward in one motion. These tend to be the least expensive option and need to be clear of surrounding objects that may prevent it opening easily.


All doors can use automatic openers.

You tell us what your budget is and we will work with it. PT Doors also understands that your lifestyle can also play a part in your decision such as families who have people coming and going at all times of the day and night tend to prefer garage doors with extremely quiet openers. It all adds up for our desire to make sure you have the best door for your needs.


This is a key part in making a purchasing decision for an investment like a garage door.

We will provide all these details when discussing your requirements and let you know the warranty length, what is covered and the servicing intervals. PT Doors prides itself on being in tune with our customer’s needs and requirements for garage doors. We understand you are going to need assistance in buying a garage door and we want to make sure you are getting the right door for your needs. We don’t just install doors; we also provide maintenance throughout its lifetime, and see the process of buying a garage door as the start of a long relationship with our customers.

Good service in a timely manner
Andy Mathers
Jun 2024
Hi Matt & Liam (installer), thank you both for the wonderful service provided. Very happy with new Merlin motor installed today, good price too. Highly recommend.
Anthony Ngan
Jul 2024